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Bulletin was a platform for independent writers and creators that allowed them to set up their own publications on to publish articles, podcasts, and more. As lead content designer on the MVP buildout in 2021, I named the product and guided URL acquisition, requiring cross-functional stakeholder alignment and CEO approval.

Anyone could subscribe to Bulletin publications for free to receive content via email, or pay for access to additional features like a premium subscriber-only group, exclusive content, and more. For MVP, I developed the foundational information architecture and terminology system, coordinating with PM, engineering, design, research, marketing, et al to launch the product in less than 5 months.

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Although the consumer-facing product was mobile-first, the backend for creators was desktop-first and integrated with Facebook so they had access to a suite of publishing, insights, and audience-building tools.

Bulletin creators could lean on Facebook's vast user base to build an audience, but the platform was intentionally built outside of the core app to let their personal brands shine through. Creators connected with their communities in the ways that best suited their needs, and had full ownership over their distribution lists.

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