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2020 US Election Results on Facebook


In 2020, at the culmination of a voter registration drive that helped 4.4 million people register to vote, Facebook launched a full election results experience to 200 million+ users in the US. I was lead content designer on the months-long cross-company effort, producing foundational information architecture, terminology, and UI content for a live representation of data provided by Edison Research/Reuters across the presidential, senate, and house races.

Preparation for Election Day and beyond required solutions for an expansive set of possible scenarios and messaging for the different phases of the electoral process. I wrote and designed all top-level UI content for these scenarios and phases, aligning stakeholders across PM, engineering, design, research, data science, marketing, policy, privacy, comms, and more.


Due to the sensitive nature of an election results experience provided by Facebook, transparency into the company's role in presenting data from Edison Research/Reuters was critical — as was education around the electoral process and the criteria necessary to call a projected presidential winner.

Both the Voter Information Center and Facebook News were used as key entry points into the Election Results experience. As Facebook News CD lead, I collaborated with design and curation teams to develop a modular system of units flexible to whatever combination of news articles, bullet summaries, and data visualizations best told the story of the election across surfaces.

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