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Fiction & Humor

Coffee Time (365tomorrows)

I Can't Believe It's Already October, Despite Time Being a Fixed Human Construct (Points in Case)

Features & Essays

Russia vs. Ukraine is an ongoing reminder that roots ≠ home (Footbridge)

Cooking Documentaries Aren't About Food. They're About Life. (A Plus)

Haddaway's "What Is Love" is the one-hit wonder that keeps hitting home (The A.V. Club)

Christmastime in the Harry Potter books is the emotional eye of the storm (The A.V. Club)

Easy, comrade: The Americans is perfecting the art of the slow burn (The A.V. Club)

What's the Point of Album Intro Songs? (KQED Pop)

Hammers, Sickles, and Fireworks: Understanding My Inner Comrade (Medium)

I Don't Want Taqueria Cancun to Win Best Burrito (The Bold Italic)

Newswires & Reviews

The A.V. Club  Newswire

The Casual Vacancy can't pull all of its pieces together (The A.V. Club)


Three ways that small, growing companies can screw up their acquisitions (GigaOM)

We've walled ourselves out of the full power of the app ecosystem (The Next Web)

The Functional Web: Navigating the World of Apps (Forbes)


Thelma was a popped culture magazine, if you will. I launched the custom site on Wordpress with two friends in 2013 and served as Editor-in-Chief for 2.5 years. During that time I recruited 15 writers, ran a rolling editorial calendar of daily content, and grew the site's audience and social following by 15x and 10x, respectively. Check out my author page for articles like Jon Snow's Snapchat Story, Peyton Manning Is My Father, and other cultural musings. All copy and the site's experience are products of my writing and strategy.

Casual Things

Casual Things was exactly what it sounds like. Back in 2011 I launched a Tumblr that documented the more relaxed aspects of life. Like a bunch of people hanging out on a couch on a Saturday. Or someone leaning against the wall chilling with a mug of hot tea. You know, keeping it casual.

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